On Jul 19, 2018

Peter O'Sullivan

Eric Conforti is the General Director of Viva Foods and the driving force behind the high quality food produced daily and excellent service offered by Eric and his team at the Australian International School’s (AIS) Cafeteria. 

Viva Foods is contracted to run the AIS Cafeteria and a commitment to continual improvement and highquality standards with a solid reputation for excellent service and professional integrity. 

Eric and the Viva Food Cafeteria Team have a strong healthy food philosophy that they continually strive to implement every day at the AIS Thu Thiem Cafeteria. 

The Viva Food Team, at the AIS Thu Thiem Cafeteria, excel at what they do and provide for our students and staff every day with scrumptious and varied choices of quality food menus . They offer support in AIS fundraising activities by selling specific items at the Cafeteria, which they give back the profits from the items sold. 

This Viva Foods’ Team at the AIS Cafeteria is very professional, but yet personal with the service they provide and they will not hesitate to assist with any reasonable request made. 

They believe in serving the students and staff, freshly made tasty food every day. The food is, as free as possible, of artificial flavouring, artificial preservatives, artificial colouring and just about anything else involved with highly processed food! They use wholesome foods, mostly grown organically, real fruits and vegetables, fresh meats and dairy products. 

Viva Foods under Eric and his Managers watchful eyes, have maintained a consistent high standard for this Cafeteria, since Viva Foods began running the Cafeteria some 5 years ago. Their employees have always gone out of their way to provide a clean, safe and sanitary environment for our students and staff. 

I highly recommend Viva Food Services for their work ethic and their dedication to producing high quality food and service to their customers.

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