Our education catering and food services team are proud to serve millions of nutritious, fun and tasty meals to students in schools, academies, colleges and universities across Ho Chi Minh City. On top of catering for students we also dish up great tasting meals to a host of educators across both the public and private sectors.

We also provide the vital support services that are needed for education staff to perform to the best of their ability in their roles. We ensure our clients’ staff and students can work and learn in clean, safe and pleasant environments.

Food for thought

For over 10 years, Viva has focused on helping those in education to build strong bodies, sharp minds and lead long, healthy lives. It’s our aim for every student to have the same opportunity to develop and make a positive contribution at school, and it’s our job to help them do it. We do this by providing fresh, healthy and great tasting meals throughout the day.

Our dedicated chefs bring food to life through their passionate work, carefully curating menus to meet the diverse palates, dietary requirements and preferences in schools, colleagues, and universities nationwide. We also run a range of engagement programmes including nutrition-focussed activity clubs and workshops that encourage healthy relationships with food and positive eating habits amongst children and young people.

Primary, Secondary & Academy Schools

We offer catering and food services to kindergarten, primary, secondary schools and academies. Giving pupils all the get up and go they need with our tasty food and unrivalled approach to school and academy catering.

It’s essential that a varied, considered, and well-balanced diet with plenty of refreshments and healthy snacks is available to pupils and caters for a variety of dietary requirements and preferences.

Viva is proud to provide nutritious and full-of-flavour food to children in primary and secondary education across the Ho Chi Minh City region.

Teaching good eating habits

We want to set young people up for their day, and for their lives by encouraging good eating habits. We don’t just want children to eat our food, we want them to love it. We wholeheartedly believe that lunchtime should be a fun part of the day, jam-packed with lots of different, flavoursome and healthy foods.

Good nutrition helps hungry minds

Our dedicated nutritionists bring food to life through the ‘Eat Right, Stay Bright’ programme. It’s crammed with goodness, from ‘Fun into Food’ lessons, student survival talks, parent workshops and breakfast clubs to our ‘Food Superheroes and Beyond the Kitchen’ online activity hub.

Viva’s chefs go to great lengths to create food that looks good, tells a story and is in tune with the latest trends, because that’s what pupils tell us they want – food that’s “tasty, lovely and delicious”.


Our university catering and food services mean students don’t need to live on beans on toast and instant noodles (unless they want to)! For a more nutrient-dense diet and mouth-watering meals, our university catering and food services are there to feed those hungry bellies and minds.

We know that time and budget constraints are big factors influencing the way students eat, but we firmly believe that the key to wellness and success is an enjoyable and balanced diet.

To help students fuel their studies and maximise their potential (and investment), we dish up tasty, on-trend, and nutritional meals that are not only exciting but also affordable for students on a tight budget.

Food choices & inspiration

Our university catering solutions offer a wide range of wholesome, fresh, sustainable, and satisfying foods that meet a range of dietary requirements and preferences. The menus we deliver are constantly evolving and always include vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. We’re proud to deliver both choice and recipe inspiration for those keen home cooks.

We’re more than just a campus canteen though. Across the country we host university conferences, exhibitions, healthy living workshops and the occasional tasting event – all designed to inspire students with the best ways to eat well on a budget.


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