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Our Team


Vũ Thị Kim Thoa

Director / Co-Founder

Any woman who advocates that: “Fish sauce, tasty stock and Bun Noodles make the world go round”, is a woman worth knowing. Vũ Thi Kim Thoa grew up in hospitality in Nam Đinh, Việt Nam, so it seems only fitting that she’s co-owner and the Kitchen Matriach of Viva. Being around family restaurants, being around waiters, and chefs was the norm. “We would come home from school and there’d be nobody home but there’d be a big pot of food on the stove,” says Thoa, remembering how her mother toiled around the clock to establish the family business. She opened several restaurants with her husband, which earned a huge local fan base in Ho Chi Minh City. “The pull of a family business is strong,” says Thoa. Ms. Thoa continued along the family business and co-founded Viva. She is directly responsible for Health, Hygiene and Purchasing, ensuring that Viva sources all its ingredients from Certified Suppliers only.


Tran Thi Ngoc Thao

Catering Manager

She’s travelled the world and the seven seas. This accomplished young lady began her voyages in Food and Beverage in the Kitchen, where her parents operated a restaurant in Long An. Upon completion of a Certificate in Hospitality, Ms. Thao worked for Accor Group, at the Sofitel, Saigon. Her passion for travel and desire to learn brought her to Costa Cruise Lines of Italy. With Costa, Ms. Thao travelled throughout Europe, North Africa, and Central America learning the ropes of customer service, and the importance for striving for excellence at the international level. Upon her return to Việt Nam she joined Rising Star Group to manage and operate several beach restaurants and bars in Viet Nam. She joined Viva as Catering Manager. Ms. Thao listens and works with each client to ensure superior service and tending to any and every of our clients’ needs.



Head Baker

Thuy is known around our kitchen for her warm smile and contagious laughs. Thuy began her career as a cook’s assistant. Her yearning to learn and improve her skills in the Kitchen quickly landed her in the bakery where her passion for all things bread took off. Thuy and her team are responsible for the heart of the Kitchen, creating and baking fresh goods each and every day. With her warm and friendly approach and her love of family, Thuy is one face guaranteed to be in our kitchens for years to come.


Pham Thanh Tam

Executive Chef

Tam is renowned for his creative nature and dazzling palate. His ability to balance the simplest elements of food allows him Tam's culinary journey began as a Saucier in Ho Chi Minh. He grew quickly and was soon hired as Chef at the Vinpearl Resort in Da Nang, Vietnam. Tam is a graduate of the Saigon Tourist Hospitality School. His passion for taste has led Tam to work with some of the country’s top culinary establishments.