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Programs and Initiatives



We are proud to be the only caterer to have an In-house Certified Doctor who ensures that our menus exceed government daily nutritional recommendations and that our kitchens exceed international hygiene standards. Our commitment to nutrition and hygiene give our clients a peace of mind that they are getting the very best in their dining experience.



Farm to Table is an exciting outdoor learning experience for primary school students. With 50m2 of outdoor space, VIVA designs and creates an organic garden where we grow fresh vegetables and herbs. Our goal is to enhance studentsunderstanding of where their food comes from and how it is grown. All herbs and veggies grown from our organic garden are used directly for guest meals.



Our seafood choices allow fisheries to flourish over the long-term without jeopardizing the fish population or the surrounding ecosystem. We have replaced Bluefin Tuna, a species which leading conservationists have recommended consumers to avoid, with environmentally-sound Mackerel and other alternatives.



We recognize that staff work hard, and deserve a personal extra touch to their daily life. VIVA offers room service to all staff at schools. Meals, drinks, or any selections can be delivered to classrooms, staff rooms, or any other dedicated area outside the cafeteria environment. Room Service is available from 07:00 – 17:00 Monday to Friday



VIVA offers a seamless ordering system in every school, from online ordering to our VIVA Cashless payments. All staff have the ability to top up using their School ID cards to purchase any item on campus or at any other VIVA Venue. Parents and students can pay via online ordering, through their student ID Card, or through a Pre-Paid Card.



VIVA is committed to providing attentive customer service to the school and its families. Our online menu allows parents to view and order Breakfast, snacks and Lunch for their child. Parents can also view nutritional information for each meal, and can also read recipes of the week, which are fun and nutritious to make at home. Staff are also able to order their meals and select which type of service they prefer and the time of delivery.